About Catherine

Catherine has been a natural health practitioner since 2001. Studies into Medical Herbalism, Kinesiology, Clinical Hypnotherapy-Psychotherapy and metaphysical studies and practices including meditations of Eastern techniques.

Travelling to southern India for a period of 7 years to learn and experience eastern knowledge and awareness through lectures, meditation and 9 different Yogas.

Catherine travelled to New York to undertake the training and qualifications to practise The Havening Techniques.

Through this seemingly simple technique we can see an altering of one’s perceptions and in turn behaviour, to bring about positive changes.

This centre has had success treating severe traumas, …..rape, PTSD, physical abuse, abandonment, death, suicide and serious drug addictions. An individuals self-esteem, self evaluation, thought processes, worth, hopefulness, social interactions and the way in which they view the world are all impacted from these traumas.

Catherine’s clinic is in Mount Gambier.

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